Blake Valentine

Age : 17

Race : Ma'sfet

Occupation : Student



Dorothy Valentine (Mother) - Deceased

Jonathan Valentine (Father) - Deceased

Rachel Valentine (Sister) - Alive

Likes : Reading

Dislikes : Arrogance 

Personality :  Blake is highly intuitive, but empathetic to a fault. Often ignoring his keen intuition when someone needs help. While inherently introverted, Blake craves social interactions. Whether he’s involved in the conversation or not, being included is enough.


Amber Aldrich

Age : 17

Race : Human

Occupation : Student

Family : 

Fredrick Aldrich (Father) - Alive

Marilyn Aldrich (Mother) - Alive

Persephone Aldrich (Sister) - Alive

Likes : 


Dislikes : Persephone Aldrich

Personality :  Amber excels at misadventure. She’s impulsive, arrogant, and ignores the consequences of her actions. She refuses to accept any responsibilities, and will stop at nothing to avoid them. While it seems unlikely, Amber does care about others. When someone manages to break through the barriers she creates, they’re greeted with a wholehearted friendship.


Andrew Stewards

Age : 21

Race : Human

Occupation : Tutor / Student

Family :

Rosa Stewards (Mother) - Deceased

Harry Stewards (Father) - Deceased

Likes :

Dislikes :

Personality :   Andrew’s personality shines as brightly as his smile. His cheerful outlook is highly infectious, often bringing out the best in those around him.